Annuity Selling Machine


Get Call-Screened, Age & Asset Qualified Leads!

What could you do with ideal, pre-screened & and call-ready leads?

Find out why THIS IS THE BEST 401K ROLLOVER sales system in the industry.

There are literally thousands of prospective clients who are signing up for help every day. Our Advisors are meeting those clients through the Unkefer Annuity Selling Machine program (ASM) and they are seeing more success than ever before. Each is  fresh, unique, never recycled and never resold leads that will be available to you through our exclusive Annuity Selling Machine Sales System.

These are all valuable, pre-screened and call-ready leads that are ideally qualified. We'll even show you how to make the sale.  We provide complete sales training, case design, illustrations, presentation tools, and optimal product recommendations for each prospective client you encounter. In fact, you will have plenty of these valuable client encounters as our participating Advisors see between 15 to as many as 30 age and asset qualified prospects per campaign.

What makes the Annuity Selling Machine Program different:

  • Leads are NEVER RESOLD OR RECYCLED. Leads are unique, created just for you!
  • You are pre-positioned as the TRUSTED ADVISOR!
  • Work directly with Unkefer and NEVER GET CHEATED by a lead vendor again!

Find out why THIS IS THE BEST 401K rollover sales system in the industry.

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